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The 1st Class Cricket Academy helps cricket players of all ages and levels to improve their skills and realise their dreams. Our comprehensive mentoring program includes resources and coaching which covers both mental and physical aspects of the game, leading to academy members hitting 6s in more ways than one.

First class coaching by
first class players

Our face to face academy in Brisbane, and the online academy, are both run by highly skilled, experienced and ex-professional cricket players, headed up by Nathan Hauritz.

Nathan is a Level 2 coach who has represented Australia on the international cricket stage in all formats, and is supported by a number of additional coaches who themselves have distinguished careers in first class cricket. Now, we’re offering that A-grade level cricket experience to you!

Benefits of the 1st Class Cricket Academy

1st Class Cricket Academy is run by top cricketers with extensive playing, coaching and cricket experience. But it’s not just about the sport… it’s about life! Our academy helps you to:

Learn technical cricket skills.

Improve social and communication skills.

Achieve your goals.

Smash fitness goals.

Develop teamwork skills.

Have tons of fun!

Harness mental grit, resilience and determination.

Grow your confidence.

Coaching comes in many forms

Our parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and even our favourite YouTubers, are all great sources of learning. But where do you turn to for expert cricket coaching by true experts of the game, with instant access from wherever you are?

There’s a lot more to cricket than bowling, batting, running and catching. Cricket is a team sport that offers immense opportunity for emotional, personal, and physical development.

Cricket academy app

We’re bringing 1st class cricket coaching to your pocket! Our unique and original cricket academy app offers our team/community the opportunity to take their coaching and lessons with them wherever they go.

Specifically designed to aid in communication, improve skills, and offer a wide variety of handy, interesting and helpful content, the 1st Class Cricket Academy app is the first of its kind.

1st Class Cricket Academy App Inclusions

Interviews with current and ex first class players

Breakout sessions with sports psychologists & performance experts

Interviews with specialists in their field

The man behind the wicket

Nathan Hauritz has loved cricket for as long as he can remember. His cricketing resume includes 17 Test matches, 58 one day internationals, 3 T20 internationals, and 79 first class matches.

Injury may have cut his professional cricket playing career short, but his invaluable experience taught him lifelong lessons about cricket, mental strength, and life. Drawing on his years of accumulated skill and knowledge of the game, Nathan channeled his enduring love of cricket and created the Spin Bowling Academy.

Now, with the rise of unprecedented technology and in recognition of the lack of local, high performance cricket academies in Brisbane and beyond, Nathan is taking his immensely popular academy to the next level with the 1st Class Cricket Academy.

Coaching philosophy

With our specially designed course content, the 1st Class Cricket Academy offers cricket lessons and training for players of all ages. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, there’s always room to improve your game.

Coaching, and cricket coaching in particular, is about more than just achieving high performance on the pitch. It’s about high performance in everyday life. It’s about encouraging young and up and coming cricketers to dream about what they can achieve and push themselves to make that dream a reality.

We’re focused on developing all-round great cricketers in addition to the technical cricket skills; we encourage wholesome mental resilience and strength, so that–no matter how long it takes–we can all achieve our goals!


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