One hand one bounce?

Fair to say that the new rules by CA would have absolutely cut my T20 career in half very quickly.  I have read over them and looked at different scenarios and actually wondered how a player like myself would stay in the game!

Now I am not one of the best spinners in the world, so I would have definitely been replaceable during the game.  Let’s say that my first over goes 0-9, not too bad but not great.  After the first 6 overs, you are generally hoping to come on pretty much straight away but if you are in a team that is all-rounder heavy, then there is the possibility that will diminish very quickly.  So with this possibility, I would have been replaced almost every game after 10 overs and my game is done.  Not only does it not give me a chance to field and make an impact, but it also means that I can’t make an impact with the bat which is something I felt if required, I could do a solid job.  Teams will have to decide early on in the game whether someone like myself is needed or do you replace me with a power hitter to help you 2nd innings.  Not only does it affect your performance (or future performance) but it also will eventually affect your value as a player.  I think the replacement rule is pretty stupid, to be honest, and they are actually taking away the tactic of just winning the game.  Why can’t we just see who scores the most runs???

Then we have the next two rules.  Power surge and the bash boost.  I wonder whether bash boost was actually thought through before implementing.  It’s absolutely ridiculous that a team can get 1 point for losing or being ahead at the 10 over mark.  What happens if a team scores 170 but is 2-65 after 10 and then the opposing team is 9-66 at the halfway mark?  You can’t tell me they deserve one point for being ahead.  The Perth scorchers when they had SOS and Maxi, were so good at not going to hard to early but bringing it home in the last 10, their tactics worked time and time again, but now we want to change how a team gets points all for some sort of entertainment??  Plus all the entertainment fans wanted was a shorter BBL and more overseas players with the opportunity to see our best stars in action.  What have we got?  The longer format, more overseas, and less of our stars playing, but to make up for it you can’t get out first ball and we are allowed to use taped up tennis balls in the first over also!!!  

I actually feel they have missed the mark completely.  I am very lucky to do a lot of coaching with young kids and they think the rules are pretty stupid also.  They want to see guys like Warner and Smith play.  Maybe CA could have trialled these rules this year in local competitions to see what our grassroots cricketers like.  This would have provided some decent feedback and at least some sort of substance for the future of our game.  If they miss the mark with this, it will be tough for them to come back and say, look we got it wrong and we are sorry.  But to keep the longevity of our T20 tournament strong, it might be something they have to do.  I might be completely wrong and the new rules will turn out to be a huge success and we don’t see a team in the finals because they won 3 games with 14 bonus points for being ahead after 10 overs every game.  Who knows what will happen!!

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