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Technology has changed the modern world. It has allowed us to connect with anyone from anywhere at any time we want.

The digital world has opened up great opportunities to develop skills and learn from the best of the best no matter where they live on the globe.

Coaching — and cricket coaching in particular — has yet to take full advantage of the immense potential of technology.

That’s now changing, with the Inner Circl offering many of the benefits of in-person coaching, in a format which suits the lifestyle and location of cricketers across the globe!

How does the app work?

Face to face training with a professional mentor or sports coach, especially when it comes to a physical activity like cricket, will always be extremely beneficial for technical skills development, fitness training, and gameplay. 

What separates the very top professional athletes from the rest though? It’s not just skill. It’s mental aptitude, and looking after yourself holistically.

The mental component to achieving greatness in cricket cannot be overestimated. Getting to the next level in your game is all about your mental resilience, composure, and strength.

That’s where the true sports stars shine.

Our app has been designed with this philosophy in mind, and is suitable for both amateur and professional cricket players.

At 1st Class Cricket Academy, we don’t neglect the importance of mental fitness in favour of technical skills. We believe both are necessary.

The app focuses on providing an all-round coaching experience, including content on physical fitness, nutrition, leadership skills, psychology, and a whole lot more.

With our easy-to-use online portal you’ll be able to access all the coaching content you want from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you!

Monthly Q & A

In addition to the library of online tutorials, coaching lessons and content available through our online academy, we’ll be hosting a once a month chat with various current or ex-1st class cricketers, as well as sports nutritionists, fitness gurus, sports psychologists, and more.

These informative, insightful and inspirational chats will include a question and answer session run by Nathan Hauritz. The sessions offer aspiring cricketers knowledge and insights that cannot just be taught.

Our esteemed guests have included:

Meet the skippers of the App

Participants of the 1st Class Cricket Academy App are lucky enough to have access to the wealth of information, experience and skill of the following experts to help them on their journey to cricket and day-to-day greatness.

Gareth Mole – Senior sports psychologist, Condor Performance

Gareth Mole and 1st Class founder Nathan go way back. As a sports psychologist and cricket enthusiast, Gareth is all about motivating cricketers to love the game, pursue their goals and take pride in their achievements.

Gareth works with cricket players of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds and is, in our humble opinion, the greatest sports psychologist in Australia. He’s the man responsible for METUF and an invaluable member of our team.

Tony Wilson – Director, Performance Lab

Tony ‘T-bone’ Wilson also has a long history with Nathan. As his first ever fitness coach, T-bone infused a love of cricket and fitness and sowed the seeds that would one day sprout into 1st Class Cricket Academy. More than just a fitness coach, T-bone focuses on all aspects of human performance and leadership whilst coaching cricketers on their fitness journey.

Chris Miller – Health and fitness

Chris Miller is a one-of-a-kind health and fitness expert. With a unique story of perseverance, resilience and incredible persistence, Chris is inspirational in more ways than one. His knowledge of the human body and methods for improving health and fitness are second to none. While Chris provides various programs and app content independently that many, many athletes benefit from, 1st Class Academy participants are fortunate enough to have exclusive access to various fitness videos designed by Chris specifically for cricketers.

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